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Led by Anne Warfield, No Sweat Tough Talks is your ticket to being confident you can speak at any C Suite meeting or be a part of any upper level discussion with stress free.

If you want to sleep easy because you know you will communicate clearly and confidently no matter how high the stakes are, No Sweat Tough Talks is for you.

In this dynamic 5 module course you will learn how to:

  • Plan your discussion so it flows well
  • Get all the facts out on the table
  • Engage all the leaders into a fruitful discussion rather than a debate
  • Articulate your goals in alignment with the company’s vision
  • Understand what people are trying to protect and how to get them to open up
  • Understand how to develop an open mind 
  • Use our great formula and roadmap to easily build and guide discussion
You’ll have access each week to a new module so you can apply the learning and grow with it as you go. At the end you can be confident that regardless of your age or experience, you can contribute wisely to any C Suite conversation even if you have to push back on an idea.

PLUS! For a limited time, enjoy these bonuses WORTH OVER $1,294 when you sign up!

  • Team Communication Program that outlines in details what each style tries to protect ($297 Value)
  • Online IMP Brain Assessment so you can see how your brain works and what it tries to protect (Priceless!)
  • EXTRA BONUS: the first 10 to sign up for the program will get to be a part of coaching calls where Anne shares with you how to apply this to your situations so you learn and grow together ($997 Value)

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What’s Inside No Sweat Tough Talks? These secrets. . .

  • How to master your thinking so you master your speaking
  • How to know why a person will resist you and how to overcome that
  • How executives think and how to be seen at their level
  • What are three communication stoppers and how to break them
  • How to smoothly transition and anchor your points so they are remembered

No Sweat Tough Talks is for you if: 

  • You want to be promoted quicker and just need someone to show the path to communicating up easily
  • Are interested in sleeping easily at night because you know you are ready to share any news, even bad news, in a way it can be best received
  • ​Would like to get more time back and be more strategic 
  • ​Know that you could be even more influential if you were just a part of more key strategic meetings earlier on...but just aren’t sure where to start 
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