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Join the Outcome Thinking® Inner Circle 

Wouldn’t you just love to know you can put the key in the door and all day long things will go smoothly?

That your team will cheerfully follow protocol, patients will be greeted with smiles, and if one team member is under the weeds others will step in?

But it doesn’t happen like that, does it?

You started your practice because you loved helping patients correct their vision so they can see their world in all of its glory.

But many days you may feel more like a babysitter or litigator. 

You didn’t start your practice to arbitrate disagreements, office personality clashes, or processes running amok.

But the reality is to grow and scale, you have to add staff and processes.
And with growth comes all of the human side of conflict, style differences, and people wanting to put their creative stamp on things in the office.

You most likely have dealt with office management by one or all of the following….

  • Hiring an office administrator to deal with all of the issues. Oh but wait, she is younger than Gloria who has been with you for 10 years so Gloria’s nose is now out of joint.
  • Or you tried to get Gloria to grow in to the position and sent her to Administrator classes but she still falls back on the old way of doing things and doesn’t really lead the way you want.
  • ​Or you finally gave up and tried growing by just adding more doctors and decided to let them deal with the administrative stuff. But then you found you had even more issues to deal with!
  • Or you just scaled back to keep it manageable.

I get it. Many of our clients have been in the same spot.

Tired, worn out, and not in their genius zone every day. Some were so frustrated they were ready to throw in the towel and just not try growing anymore.

Until they found Outcome Thinking®. Within the first 6 months, the average leader gained back 30% of their time and reduced their stress.

Most leaders find they can actually do more in less time and mitigate conflict before it happens.

Let us get you back to your genius zone and away from all the stress!

See there are typically three things that need to be focused on-

1. Getting everyone on the same page respecting and valuing each other

2. Getting you back to spending more time in your genius zone

3. Making sure communication is clear and systems and processes are easy for people to follow

Conflicts generally happen because the brain is designed to protect YOU.

That means each person’s brain is filtering all instructions and learning through how they see it benefiting or harming them. 

If they don’t believe it benefits them, they will resort to old behaviors.

If you don’t know what a person’s brain tries to protect you can’t motivate them.

And since all behavior is driven by their beliefs (which their brain is protecting) you also can’t get them to change their behavior. 

So you hit this stuck pattern of you sharing what you want different, them following for a short while and then they resort back to old habits and patterns once again.

If you don’t hand work off in the other person’s brain style, you will get back mixed results and sometimes, hurt feelings.

If you don’t set up processes to logically flow for all styles, they will “forget” the process.

So first thing, we get your team all understanding each other’s brain style so they can respect, honor, and value each other. 

This is where your office culture starts to form.

But we know beyond this, you as a leader of your office, are constantly giving of yourself to your patients and your team. 

That leaves you little time for you.

We find there are 10-20 consistent problems that crop up that you just want a quick solution for. 

Something you can access, see how to handle the problem, and deal with it immediately rather than let it fester.

So we have built in easy answer videos for you for the top situations PECAA eye doctors have said keep them up at night. 

One click and you have got it handled.

But what about those messy situations or deeper issues you want to change, how do you handle those?

Imagine having access to an expert that can help you to get clarity on a situation, drive to the root of it, and then solve it once and for all?

Imagine being able to talk about anything from..

  • How to make office processes so they stick and everyone follows them
  • Dealing with employee hang ups so they let things go and operate at a higher level
  • ​How to hold people to a higher standard
  • ​How to create an office culture that is what you desire
  • ​How to set vacation schedules so people don’t feel others are getting preferential treatment
  • ​How to give feedback so it is digested and creates change
  • ​How to get patients excited to see others in your practice and not only wanting you so you can scale your time back
  • ​How to answer patients tough questions on why things cost different from the “big” stores
  • ​How to hire a person who “fits” the office and will get the job done
  • ​How to set up an onboarding system that is easy to implement and ensures people do things the exact way you desire

And that is just a few of the topics!

See each coaching session is directed by YOU. 

You get to submit your question you want answered and get results live on the spot.

No more spending days and weeks letting it build and hoping it disappears. Instead you will get to dive in, resolve, and let it go.

No this isn’t a pipe dream, this is real. PECAA realized that as owners you need a bit more. 

You don’t need another “training”, you just need some real time guidance that helps you stay in your genius zone and allows you to grow and scale your practice.

You need a space where you as owners can come together and get top pain points relieved as quickly as possible.

So who is this for?

This is for the Eye Doctors who are serious about growing their practice, saving time, and gaining efficiencies.

This is limited to only 20 Eye Doctors. 

If you are looking for the easy path, or something you can “pop” in and out of as you desire, this isn’t for you.

We will give you all the tools you need for easy access to quick answers on key issues- so yes that you can pop in and out of.

The coaching is something that is richer when we all join together.

I find many people learn more from other situations people bring then even the one they bring themselves.

What if you are dedicated but can’t make one session?

Well we have you covered there as well.

There will be a portal that you will have access to and our calls will be recorded and put there for you to view.

But remember, that is your fall back.

For richness of the group you want to be on the calls and submit your situations.
What if you just don’t like it?

If you dive in, participate in all the calls, do your team Strategic Assessment, submit your Customizer form, and take action on what is shared and still 30 days later you don’t love it, we will refund your money.

This is about making your life easier.

It is about a commitment on both sides to making things right and to make things work.

So it requires each of us to put effort in.

So does it work?

We have been in business for 30 years doing similar coaching programs with leaders around the world. The results we see?

  • Increased Employee Engagement Scores- which tells you that as each leader grows they automatically influence and grow the team below them. Typically engagement scores jump to all landing between 85-100% in loyalty, trust, and feeling respected and valued at work.
  • Freedom of 30% more time for the leaders- whether you want to use this time for family, strategy, your hobbies or meeting with patients- the time is yours.
  • Decrease in conflict and reduction in stress- Conflict becomes something leaders don’t avoid and now can solve easily. More importantly, because you learn how to get to the root of the problem, you solve it so the problem never crops up again.
  • ​Office culture that is high in trust, accountability, and respect- best of all you end up with a more strategic team that is able to work more fluidly together and who is consistent in what they do.

How will this differ from our Peer Groups?

Peer groups are fantastic at getting you all to share best practices with each other. It can definitely shorten the curve and help you.

It is not the same though as working with an expert.

Think of it this way- imagine a group of peers coming together who have worn contacts or glasses for over 30 years. They share with each other insights and learnings. Yes they can cut down the curve on where to buy lenses, which eye doctors are best, or share insights on their own experiences.

But would you ever want them to start giving each other exams?

Or diagnosing eye diseases with each other?

No because they don’t have the expertise that you have as an experienced eye doctor.

So Peer Groups fill a certain spot- that is not what this group is about. This is about diving in to the expertise of Outcome Thinking® in order to build and strengthen you as a leader and your practice. It is about gaining freedom for you and reducing your stress.

Now the question becomes whether you want to go it alone or join your top peers to grow your practice in a way that is congruent and stress free.

Remember it is limited to only 20 spots and we expect them to go fast.

Kind regards,

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