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We created an awesome tool to help you to challenge others without making them defensive. It covers three ways to challenge so you gain access to information, show flaws in ideas, and be seen as strategic. It also includes two examples so you can see how to apply it.
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Impression Management Professionals was founded by Anne Warfield as a way to help people around the world communicate candidly, creatively and authentically at all times. We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota – yes, the frozen tundra!

At the core of all we do is Outcome Thinking® – a revolutionary way of expanding your thinking so you can be transformational in the way you communicate and connect with others. The amazing part is that by unlocking the keys to thinking you are able to EASILY change the way you respond, react or read a situation so that you remain calm, focused and strategic. Wouldn’t you like to be prepared for anything? This is why corporations bring us in at the leadership level and then penetrate the program down into the organization to get results that stick.

Whether it be negotiating, selling, presenting or developing critical thinking you will learn an integrated system that gives you immediate results with sustainable and scalable change.
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