Brain Style Article


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Understanding the brain styles will help you with:
  • How to set up a conversation to be most successful
  • How much detail to come in with
  • ​How many options to bring in
  • ​How to speak about the topic 
  • ​What things to avoid talking about
  • ​How much time to spend on chit chat 
  • ​What format to use- PowerPoint, just verbal, graphs, or just a piece of paper

    Hi, I'm Anne Warfield.

    At Impression Management Professionals our whole focus is to help leaders transform how they think, speak and execute so they operate more like the C Suite.

    One of my strategies is through Brain Styles that we embed in every training to get lasting results. These Brain Styles are why we can confidently say we can create change that sustains. The proof is in the Employee Engagement Scores and in how much easier we make your Executive’s lives.

    Brain Style Article are foundational to really good leadership training program that will create CHANGE in how leaders do things, create ALIGNMENT with culture and branding, and REDUCE STRESS by simplifying how leaders do things.

    After all, that is why you are training…to get lasting results that align your leaders mentally and culturally to achieve your goals! 

    This Brain Style Article is right for you if: 
    • You feel you have to put on your armor when having tough conversations
    • You wish you could find a way to negotiate that was strong and firm yet creative
    • ​You would like to be able state what you want and still be seen as a partner 
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